Sunday, 27 January 2013

Ubuntu Vs Bodhi Linux - A comparison

Ubuntu Vs Bodhi Linux - Comparison of linux distros
This is a comparison of two major Linux distributions Ubuntu and Bodhi Linux.Bodhi Linux is a newer Os compared to Ubuntu and is based on Ubuntu and Debian. Bodhi Linux uses Enlightenment as the default Desktop Environment whereas ubuntu uses Unity. The platform support and other features are similar in both Ubuntu and Bodhi.

UbuntuBodhi Linux
Base Distribution
Debian LinuxDebian, Ubuntu
Default File SystemEXT 4EXT 4
Desktop EnvironmentUnityEnlightenment
Supported Platforms i386, AMD64,ARM i386, AMD64, ARM
Packet ManagementAPTAPT
Package FormatDebDeb
USB InstallationYesyes
Live CDYesYes


  1. Tried Bodhi ...and moved to it even though I am a strong Mint fan. the 3D user experience, the speed and lightness and the possibility to create my own work/play environment makes Bodhi one of the most fun distros. It does have its downsides, as do most Linux distros, but a little net-searching fixes most of these. Highly recommend it especially if you have an older/weaker pc