Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Ubuntu Vs Gentoo , Linux Distros Comapred

Ubuntu Vs Gentoo Which distro is best ?
This is short comparison of the two leading Linux distros Ubuntu and Gentoo.Ubuntu is based on debian linux where as Gentoo is an independent OS.Gentoo comes with weekly releases (rolling distribution) but Ubuntu has only two releases per year. The packet management is controlled by APT in Ubuntu and by portage in Gentoo.The user interface is Unity shell in Ubuntu but in Gentoo we can choose the default one.Both can be installed from USB drive also.

Base Distribution
Debian LinuxNone
Default File SystemEXT 4None
Desktop EnvironmentUnityKDE Plasma Desktop fromLiveCD, various
Supported Platformsi386, AMD64,ARM IA-32, x86-64, IA-64, PA-RISC; PowerPC 32/64, SPARC 64-bit, DEC Alpha, ARMIA-32, x86-64, IA-64, PA-RISC; PowerPC 32/64, SPARC 64-bit, DEC Alpha, ARM
Packet ManagementAPTPortage
Package Format.Debebuild
USB InstallationYESYES
Official Websitehttp://www.ubuntu.comhttp://www.gentoo.org/


  1. Any reason your gentoo link links to linux mint?

  2. sorry.it was a mistake.i have corrected it

  3. Gentoo package updates are available in roughly 15 minute intervals, not weekly. So if a new package gets updated, it is generally available within hours, if not minutes. We release new install media (liveCDs and install stages) weekly.

  4. Gentoo package format is tbz2 an ebuild is similar to the .spec in rpm based distributions.

  5. But as per my experience Ubuntu is much faster than Gentoo. Gentoo takes time to compile whereas Ubuntu does in secs.

    1. yes, if you use binary packages in ubuntu and compile from source in gentoo.. if you enable the bindist USE-flag in gentoo you can also easily build an entire precompiled system in gentoo
      But it's exactly the easy and efficient configuration of the source that makes gentoo so great. I use both xubuntu and gentoo but it depends what kind of user you are.