Sunday, 27 January 2013

CentOS Vs Bodhi Linux - Comparison

CentOSBodhi linux
Base Distribution
RedHAT LinuxUbuntu and Debian
Default File SystemEXT 3EXT 4
Desktop EnvironmentGnomeEnlightenment
Supported Platformsi386, AMD64,ARM i386, AMD64,ARM 
Packet ManagementYUMAPT
Package FormatRPM.Deb
USB Installation
Official Website


  1. Hi karey !
    CentOS, at least its 2 last main version releases do have LiveCD, USB Installation and ext4 !
    But otherwise your work is good, if you want more information shoot me an email at !

  2. Hi could anyone point to a list of the command syntax differences between ubuntu 12 and centos 6 ?

    im trying to run scripts assuming they are close but several commands are simply not found.

    going one by one has been time consuming, that is running a long script to find that after so many minutes it stopped because of a command mismatch

    looking at the running programs and killing a PID is an example of command syntax mismatches, there has to be a cheat sheet somewhere of all commands with a check mark as to which version supports it