Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Ubuntu Vs Snowlinux, Which is Best?

Ubuntu Vs Snowlinux - A Comparison of Linux Distros
This is a comparison of two major Linux distributions Ubuntu and Snowlinux.We compare the main features of the two distros. The technical details including the hardware and software features.Snowlinux is a newer distro compared to the much old Ubuntu. But both these distros are based on Debian.The Default Desktop environment of Ubuntu is Unity while that of Snowlinux is MATE.Both these distros can be installed through USB.

Ubuntu Snowlinux
Base Distribution
Debian Linux Debian,Ubuntu
Default File SystemEXT 4 EXT 4
Desktop Environment Unity
Supported Platforms  i386, AMD64,ARM  i386, x86_64
Packet Management APT DEB
Package Format Deb RPM
USB Installation Yes Yes
Live CD Yes Yes

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  1. Probably the worst comparison ever. No a single useful piece of info, plus a few errors.