Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Top 5 best Linux Distributions

If you're looking for the best Linux distros around, on this page you'll find a collection of every Linux distribution that should suit your needs.

Best Popular/All Time Distribution

The best all time favorite distribution is Ubuntu it offers an awesome graphics and has very less size almost 895MB's . It offers high stability and is liked by more than 1/2 of Linux users. Ubuntu has very attractive graphics and memory management ,although it releases on the term period of six months which is pretty awesome.

Best Enterprise Distribution

Enterprise level linux distribution is well suited for data-center and high level performance. It is widely used across the various Information Technology companies. The leader in Enterprise distribution is Red Hat , it has a wide scope it is focus on Big data.

Best Programmers Distribution

If you are an Information Technology Programmer than the favorite distribution is Linux Mint . It is really very easy to navigate and it involve the certain IDE's which is made available within the single click. Linux mint is entirely based upon Ubuntu and we can call it as "Polished Ubuntu". Linux mint is also well-suited for entertainment and for web-developers.

Best Desktop Distribution

Linux is widely used over the desktop , almost 1k of distributions are available over the internet. But the best desktop distribution is Zorin OS which gives an ultimate experience of linux also if you are new to linux and using windows previously then Zorin is the awesome linux distribution which acts as an splendid alternative to windows.

Zorin OS is a derivative of Ubuntu , so it involves more feature than Ubuntu and its is highly polished
than Ubuntu since it involve so much attractive UI like windows, we can also run windows based executable files directly from linux as zorin comes with pre installed Windows Emulator (Wine).

Best Security Enhanced Distribution

Security Enhanced Linux distributions feature a variety of security policies, It involve U.S. Department of Defense-approved standards. The best one distribution of Linux involve security is IPCOP .IPCOP is a linux firewall operating system , it is the Linux Distribution for those that want to keep their networks safe.

Best Multimedia Distribution

Multimedia distribution are used to design animations , video editing , effects etc. The best distribution of multimedia is Ubuntu Studio which involves all the necessary bundles of application of multimedia. The size of the distribution is almost 2 GB.

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