Saturday, 18 January 2014

Linux Bible review- A Complete Linux Guide

Linux Bible review- A Complete Linux Guide
  • Step-by-step tutorial for mastering Linux
  • Complete guide for becoming a Linux Professional
  • Build Linux desktop and server skills
  • Advance to enterprise-level computing
  • Become a Linux system admin or power user
  • Your definitive guide to becoming a Linux expert

Learn how to:
  • Install, set up, and use powerful Linux systems for desktops and servers
  • Configure the perfect Linux desktop system
  • Perform critical system administration tasks
  • Set up your own print, file, and Web servers
  • Get a stable and secure system using Linux security tools
  • Move into enterprise-level computing
If you want to...
  1. Learn Linux, but have never used it before
  2. Acquire the foundation to become a certified Linux professional
  3. Start on a career path that will last for decades
  4. Master skills you can use with all Linux distributions
...this is the book for you.

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